When Will We Start Treating Trans People Like Human Beings, Just Like You And Me?

Aanya Natesan was brutally raped and beaten up for being a trans woman, on the streets of Gurgaon, on 24th Nov 2019, when she was on her way to a Pride March – is this how we should treat fellow humans?

*trigger warning – violence against women

How do you tell a transgender person that the world will be a better place for them and their future generations when you come across such horror stories about how they have been exploited both physically and mentally, apart from being constantly demonized for who they are? There is no point in pretending that it happens in some other country and that ‘Ek saccha Hindustani’ can never do shit like this to their own.

Aanya Natesan, a trans woman, faced horrifying gender based violence recently, and wrote about it on Facebook. That made me think about how we treat people we find ‘different’ from us, especially those we find vulnerable and perceive as ‘weaker’.

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Image Source: Aanya Natesan