The petulance of Donald Trump

I know that we are talking about the president of the one of the most (if not the most) powerful nations of the world, a position that needs to be given the dignity it rightfully deserves. But what if the person occupying that prestigious office himself refuses to show the maturity and gravitas that the office demands?

Is this a never-ending nightmare?

Like everything else in his calamitous four-year term as the head of United States of America, Donald Trump continues to demean not just the office but also insult the intelligence of everyone who voted for him back in 2016. And if you think that he would stop now then sadly you are grossly mistaken.

As if the churlish behaviour displayed by him during the first presidential debate wasn’t enough, he has now decided to conduct public rallies while still being infected with Coronavirus. And I am sure that he would also refuse wear the PPE suit that is a requisite for anyone who is Covid positive. He decided to not participate in the Second presidential debate just because the organizers were of the view that the debate be a virtual event, and rightly so, to guard against spreading the disease even further. Is there a point where his megalomania would become apparent to his supporters or would they prefer to continue their ego trip and back him to the hilt, at a time when more than two hundred thousand of their fellow citizens have succumbed to death?

An election like never before

India made the momentous blunder of electing Narendra Modi again. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland did the same with Boris Johnson. And both of these countries are paying a very heavy price for it. America is at the same juncture right now. This will possibly be the most important election of their lifetime. Which way will they decide?

Image Credits: AFP,

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