Kejriwal’s betrayal hurts a lot more than the complicity of those two

This was never expected from you Arvind. Never.

The voters of Delhi had great sympathy and support for what you had done in the past 6 years, be it your welfare schemes or your development model. But more than that, your commitment to secularism (or that’s what we thought till now) was something that many of us could associate with.

Even some Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) supporters, who were alarmed by what the supposedly dynamic duo had done to our country, heaved a sigh of relief when Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) came into power on February 11th and we were expecting you to not just contest the upcoming state elections in Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh etc. but were also looking at you as the prime challenger to the BJP in 2024. And trust me we would have done everything in our power to ensure your victory had you stuck to your agenda (at least the agenda that was visible to us).

You were our last hope

There were a number of people who were hanging on to your every word and willing to forgive you for all your past mistakes and misadventures (quite a few of them actually) because people around the country saw you as someone who has a heart, unlike most other politicians, and they looked at you as India’s best bet against the Islamophobic and development-hating agenda of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

They even overlooked your criminally vague stand on Shaheen Bagh and your refusal to openly stand with the students of Jamia and JNU with the understanding that this ambiguity is necessary to win against the highly vicious, hate-mongering and unbelievably communal campaign being run by the BJP.

Coward and Psychopath. Hypocrisy much Arvind?

But now all that has changed. You and your team displayed a kind of gutlessness and opportunism that we had associated with other political parties and left your own voters to fend for themselves at a time when they were being openly targeted by the anti-social elements of our society, many of whom were receiving open support from the Delhi Police (which comes under the Home Ministry of India headed by we all know who)

You chose to look the other way while Delhi, a city-state that gave you three chances to govern and the place to which you owe your entire political career, was served in a plate to a bloodthirsty mob for 3 days. And we all know what those mobs did.

You and your team should have been out on the streets of those riot-affected areas which were being taken hostage by the Hindutva terrorists which lead to a kind of destruction that no sane human being would approve of. We know what the police did but your presence would have made a big difference while also assuring the riot-affected people that at least someone was there to help them.

The aftermath of their violence has not just lead to loss of lives or property but several Muslims have had to leave their homes in fear. There was also retaliation from Muslims which led to losses on the Hindu community as well, both life and property, which was equally condemnable.

The carnage has left a mark on shame on the whole of India and at a time when your voters needed you to stand by their side and help them as they were facing the Hindutva mobs on their own, you conveniently chose to do a PR stunt at Rajghat and then happily sit beside a man who was behind all of this and who has still refused to come out and meet the victims, forget about condemning the pogrom.

We expected this from BJP. But AAP ne rang kyun badal liya?

Deep down every person in our country knows by now that the right-wing brigade and their two most powerful leaders have an agenda against the Muslims of this country. They have used the media and other institutions to drive their Islamophobic program and have been successful in creating an ecosystem that was conducive enough to let out a horde of Closet Sanghis who used to squirm at the open displays of Secularism of others around them before 2014 but went along with the flow because of their inherent cowardice.

But now they feel empowered enough to display their bigotry out in the open with no fear of retribution. On the other hand, they and their ilk will be glorified as the ‘Real saviors of Hindu Rashtra’. AAP has decided to cater to that audience from now on and good for them if they believe that such a strategy will bring them greater political success.

Regardless of whether they succeed in their mission or not, we won’t forget what they let happen in their state, just like we won’t forget 1984, 1990, 1992, 2002, 2013 and any other pogrom that took place because politicians looked the other way while rioters owing their allegiance to a certain ideology unleashed their fury on the innocent. I guess Arvind and his team now have the luxury to delight yourself with the pleasures of being in someone’s Godi (like our Lapdog Media) and being a part of that exclusive club may also allow them the privilege of watching their fellow citizens lose their lives, be it out on the streets or in detention camps. But at least we will die with a conscience, something that they had once upon a time. Or did they sell themselves off back in 2012-13 to the highest bidder and were waiting for the perfect opportunity to let us know? No point discussing that anymore but we won’t forget your treachery. Ever.

‘Sab yaad rakha jayega’

Image Credits : Asianage

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