Dear Mr. _______, Have you no shame?

There is no point naming any particular individual or political party while talking about the ongoing terror attack on the helpless citizens of Delhi. Simply because the primary purpose of naming someone and pointing fingers at them is to make sure that people around you are aware of who they are and what they did, with the hope that they can be punished for their actions and that it serves as an example for the rest of our society to think twice before trying to emulate their deeds.

But when everyone our country already knows who they are and that far from being punished, they will be hailed by a large section of our population as the saviours of Hinduism which will then allow them to control our lives in ways that we cannot imagine, calling them out seems like an exercise in futility.

But do not make the mistake of confusing my reluctance with cowardice. I am fully aware that the responsibility for preventing this violence lies squarely on the door of this particular individual, who could have staved off this attack if he had bothered to lift a finger and order the police to actually do their work. But he didn’t.

From 2002 to 2020 – Saffron terror then and Saffron terror now

This is a case of Hindutva terrorism being carried out against the followers of a particular religion for reasons that we are all aware of – to build a ‘Hindu Rashtra’. It is a concept that has absolutely no association with Hinduism. I have never been a religious person but you don’t have to be a one to understand the difference between Hinduism and Hindutva.

Although those involved in taking up arms were not restricted to one religion and that the victims (not just the dead or injured but anyone who suffered any form of financial loss or psychological pain and trauma) included both Hindus and Muslims, striking a false equivalence by using terms like ‘Hindu-Muslim clashes’ is not just wrong but also extremely problematic because it is a convenient escape route for the reprobate, flagitious and despicable Hindutva terrorists who were behind this massacre with the full backing of the police and administration.

Violence in words. Violence in deeds

This violence was a direct result of the incendiary speeches by senior members of the ruling party (none of whom were apprehended by the police, courts or the government) that have been directed against a particular community. This hate then manifested itself in the ongoing violence being carried out by saffron backed terrorists.

These scumbags, who were shameful enough to hide their mala fide intentions under the religious cries of ‘Jai Shri Ram’, were allowed to burn down the entire area of North East Delhi by the police, who are incidentally controlled by the Home Ministry of India. The police were not just guilty of turning their backs on the Muslim members of our society, they were actively involved in carrying out planned attacks on their homes, localities and their places of business.

People across the country are feeling either vulnerable or indignant or both because of the visuals that we have seen on TV these past few days and many of them have already made up their mind about who is or isn’t the guilty party in this case. Right now we need to focus on calming the f*** down and rebuilding the lives of those that have been overturned

Before we go any further though, I would like to thank those brave souls in Delhi who have been affected by the senseless violence since the 23rd but have done their best to maintain peace and more importantly, not lift up arms either in a fit of rage or with an intention to teach a lesson to members of a particular community.

Save Delhi. Save India

Whatever has been going on in Delhi for the past few days has forced many Indians, both home and abroad, to hang their heads in shame. But this particular gentleman and the party that he belongs to, whose members are known to give fiery but entirely communal speeches that contain just one thing – Islamophobia and a call to take law into your own hands – is being seen as the prime reason of the violence that has gone on unchecked for the past two days without showing any signs of abating, and the party that he belongs to have merely sat back and done absolutely nothing to do the job that is under their purview.

There are way too many videos available online which present a clear picture of what our esteemed Delhi Police has been up to in the past few days. Many of them have been actively involved in the violence while conveniently ignoring their basic duty to maintain law and order.

Now it is upon the citizens of India to do something to heal the wounds inflicted by the Delhi massacre. Trust me that it will take years but we can succeed only if we start now. Spread the truth about what happened, debunk any sort of propaganda that you see around you, cut off any and all sort of connection with someone who openly spreads bigotry, donate to organizations who are helping out in Delhi or other violence-affected areas but do something before the saffron brigade does a Delhi 2020 in every state and every district of this country.

Image Source: Reuters