There is no ‘us’ and ‘them’. There is only ‘us’

I should have watched ‘Mulk’ earlier than I did. I really should have. And so should have many others, especially those who were wielding sticks, stones and guns with the intention of turning Delhi into a graveyard.

This is not a movie review because at a time when the capital city is going through the worst possible case of terrorism since those dark days of 1984, I don’t have the heart to pen down the intricate details of a movie that should have been made tax-free across the country. (Maybe it was but I haven’t come across any news item confirming that).

All I have to say is that watching this movie is sufficient enough for any brainwashed individual to get back to their senses (but only if they are really willing to set their prejudices aside and have an honest conversation with themselves) and realize exactly what we have done to our nation and how we have allowed hate to reside in our hearts and minds. So much so that people are ready to kill and be killed in the name of what they proudly describe as ‘A quest to reclaim the lost glory of their religion and race’ but in reality it involves a kind of ethnic cleansing that will put the entire country to shame.

A public appeal

The past few days have been a stark reminder of the ways in which visceral hate for the supposed ‘other’ can manifest itself into the blood-curdling frenzy that unleashed its brutality on the people of North Delhi. Something that has makes me want to issue the following statement in the interest of one and all:

“Please unfriend or unfollow anyone who is posting hateful content on social media (be it FB, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp or any other platform). Hateful is hateful. There are no separate categories like Hindu or Muslim or Indian or Pakistani hate in this which can then be condoned. There cannot be. The ongoing terror attack in Delhi should have been enough to wake many Indians up from their slumber and realize what those gentlemen have done to our country. These men were busy courting Trump while shamelessly hanging on to each and every single word uttered by that vile human being while Delhi was being reduced to ashes.”

We can shame them without naming them

There is no point in taking names because we all know who they are. Even people who continue to walk behind them with close eyes and ears are aware of the true agenda of these men who can only be described as nefarious, obnoxious, Islamophobic, anti-intellectual, aporophobic, hateful propaganda-driven goons masquerading as the saviours of Bharat Mata, when it is the same Bharat Mata that needs to be rescued from the grip of these individuals.

If you feel Delhi is not going to be repeated in your state, your city, your town, your roads or even your homes then you are more delusional than I had thought but I would still want to pray for your safety and good health with the hope that you realize what exactly is being done to the secular (it was never a bad word) fabric of our country before your houses are burnt down by those with blood on their hands and violence in their eyes, irrespective of whichever religion they belong to.

I don’t want any more lives to be lost or any more property to be destroyed because of the madness that has engulfed our lives but maybe that is wishful thinking because the poison of communalism has seeped into our minds, which is exactly why many of my friends and family members still approve of the massacre in North-East Delhi and are busy counting dead bodies to justify that ‘Unke itne mare hain to humaare bhi itne mar gaye hain’ without realizing that ‘Jo unke hain wo bhi humaare hi hain’. They may not say something like this explicitly but their words and posts betray those intentions.

Some of these friends and family members have helped me shape my life for which I will forever be indebted to them. They have given me shelter, knowledge, money, gifts, chocolates, bike rides, cigarettes, beer and whatnot. Moreover, many of them have given me the confidence to stand on my own two feet and have counseled me in times of distress. The impact and extent of their help and support cannot be measured in words or dollars because it is priceless. They were never afraid to tell me when I was wrong about something and why I needed to correct it.

Please do not let India become a hotbed for communal violence

This is exactly what I need to do for them now by letting them know that they are wrong about supporting those who only know hatred and are known to derive a sadistic pleasure from the trauma that has befallen a particular community. These men will use anything and everything that they have to stay in power so that they can create a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ where other religions and the people who believe in those faiths have no place at all.

We cannot let them do that because we are Indians above everything else. We will not let them fool us into believing that ‘Hindu Rashtra’ or a ‘Muslim Caliphate’ is synonymous with ‘India’ because it is not. They may use their convoluted but fallacious arguments or brute force to make us fall in line but we can not let that happen. Not when we actually are capable of stopping them, but only if we come together.

Nothing else needs to be said now. It is time for you to decide whether to want to join hands and save our country from these evil men or stand by the wayside and watch me die trying. The ball is in your court now.

Image Source: Zee News

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