Unprincipled showpersons masquerading as journalists

Deepak Chaurasia, Consulting Editor at News Nation, should not have been heckled at Shaheen Bagh. No one can condone the act because there is no justification for what happened with him
Having said that, we also need to acknowledge that Deepak and other news anchors like him in the mainstream media have deviated from the path of real and purposeful journalism a long time ago.

Most of the news reportage covering the protests against the government, like the one currently taking place at Shaheen Bagh in Delhi, have a very restricted agenda – to defame the women who have been engaged in a painstakingly non-violent protest while braving the extreme weather conditions and to discredit the entire protest movement against the deeply flawed legislations like the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the National Population Register (NPR) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC).

Reporters or PR agents?

Anyone who has followed their news coverage would know that they are not interested in finding out and reporting the actual truth. Their narrative has been uncannily similar to the one being put forward by members and leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) which has been in power for the last six years.

This tweet by Shashi Tharoor (he used these golden words for another member of infamous Godi or Lapdog Media) would be apt for most of the current crop of TV studio anchors.
There are times when it seems like these journalists are card-carrying members of the ruling party and that they would go to absurd lengths to defend the most horrifying policy decisions made by them. Not only that, these prime time anchors shamelessly give space to the bigoted agenda of the right-wing knowing fully well the perils of promoting such communal propaganda.

Journalism or propaganda? It is hard to tell the difference.

There was a time when we used to read newspapers or watch TV with the expectation that they are in the business of delivering unbiased news and analysis at our doorstep. Sadly, that is no longer the case. Watch these videos to understand the genuine credibility crisis facing our journalism and its falling standards over the past few years:

There are tonnes of material available online on how a large section of TV and Print media openly engages in propagating fake news designed with the specific purpose of keeping the viewers uninformed while also turning them into potential rioters. The hate-mongering that these journalists openly indulge in has had some very serious consequences for our society not just in terms of hate crimes like mob-lynching but also in terms of the vicious nature of polarisation that has become a part of our society.

The situation is so serious that like journalists like Ravish Kumar are repeatedly appealing to viewers across the country to refrain from watching most of the news programs coming from mainstream channels. The papers are no better and there are some serious doubts being raised by one and all about both the intent and content of the news items that are being served to us. No wonder then that many people are making a conscious effort to switch away from these channels because it has just become too painful to see the gutter press reporting that goes on every day.

Credibility crisis all around

I don’t want to sound like a doomsday expert, but things are not looking good on terms of the actual journalism that is taking place in our country, which brings me to the likes of Deepak Chaurasia and other members of the infamous Godi Media.

The Godi Media has been responsible for some exceedingly biased, sycophantic, appalling and senseless news reporting which makes you want to start praying for the future of journalism. Here is a sample of their work:

For years now, their reporting has been based on propagating the alarmingly problematic views on the minority communities (especially Muslims) apart from constantly bombarding us with right-wing propaganda that favors the government narrative while hiding its massive failures in terms of managing the economy.

There is a huge amount of distrust among the general public in our country when it comes to the news reporting by the mainstream media channels and papers and some concrete steps being taken to address this problem before it is too late.

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