The JNU saga: ABVP is digging its own grave

The events of the past few days have made one thing very clear. Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), which is the student wing of Rashtryiya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), needs to come up with extremely airtight arguments to convince us that they were not behind the violence that took place in Jawaharlal Nehru University. It is the only way to salvage their reputation, which is lying in tatters right now.

Despite what the Delhi Police may have you believe, ABVP can no longer escape the perception that it was actively involved in the terror attack that took place on the JNU campus on the 5th of January.

Chor ki daadhi me tinka?

There are countless images and videos in social media which are seen to be implicating this right-wing student organization. Various news agencies have picked up on this evidence available online and have conducted their own investigations which is casting even more doubts on the ABVP’s version where they are painting themselves as the victims of violence being carried out by left-backed student groups.

This is not the first time that ABVP has been accused of thrashing students. Here is a video from two years ago where they did something similar in Ramjas College.

Below are some videos of the sting operation conducted by India Today in which they are claiming that ABVP members (or sympathizers at the very least) have openly admitted on hidden cameras that they had planned and carried out the terror attack in JNU on that fateful night.

And this

Now even if we accept the argument that these tapes need to be investigated by the police and courts before the guilt of these boys is established, the fact is that even a slight impression of ABVP being directly involved in the events of January 5 will be a huge embarrassment to the organization. It will put a big question mark on anyone associated with this student body and they will need a lot of help to redeem their names.

The case against them gets stronger by the day

If it was just one or two news reports alleging their involvement, perhaps we would have still believed ABVP and their claim of innocence. Unfortunately for them, many other news agencies are also questioning their role in the violence. Read this report by Alt news where they are able to establish the identity of one of the girls who was seen attacking the students at JNU. And then listen to the video corroborating the same.

Watch another clip from Times Now where a sitting ABVP member openly admits of their members carrying rods into JNU

Alt news has brought out another report where they have established (just my opinion though since the courts will give the final judgement) that ABVP members are attacking students belonging to All India Students Association (AISA). The initial narrative (which turned out to be false) was that it was the attacker belonged to AISA and the victim belonged to ABVP. Sadly, several news organisations like Prasar Bharati (a public news broadcaster) fell hook, line and sinker for this deception and shared it on its platform without verifying.

This same piece of fake news was also shared and promoted on social media by members of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) – which is also associated with RSS – like Amit Malviya. This is a man who had tried his best to malign Rajdeep Sardesai, a well respected Indian journalist, by insinuating that he is peddling the narrative of the dreaded terrorist organisation Islamic State when there is absolutely no evidence of the same.

Delhi Police – An agency beyond salvation

Watching Delhi Police go about its business makes me want to jump off a cliff. (The reality show Big Boss has the same effect on me, but more of that in another blog post)

Not only have they become infamous for their enthusiasm when it comes to police brutality, but their behaviour over the past month has increasingly given merit to this suspicion that they have firmly entrenched themselves in the central government’s pockets.

Someone within Delhi Police had the brilliant idea of conducting a press conference on the incidents that took place in JNU. To call that conference a sham would be an understatement. They made every effort to peddle the right-wing propaganda that is also being promoted by our government, accuse a set of students without proof while not even bothering to talk about what ABVP did. They also refused to take any questions from journalists and walked out as soon as the reporters tried to probe them on their falsified theory. It is way too painful for me to describe that press conference so please watch the video below and judge for yourself.

Where does ABVP go from here?

ABVP has only one option now – to come out with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Its reputation has taken a serious beating on national television over the past few days. And trying to hide any evidence of their involvement in the attacks or using their spokespersons to obfuscate the reality will be nothing more than an exercise in self-destruction.

Image Source : Google Images

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