Why is BJP using money power to promote Sadhguru’s lies on CAA?

According to news reports, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has spent more than 4 lakh rupees on Facebook (as on 7th Of January) to promote Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s explainer video on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) where he has made some factually incorrect statements for which he has come under heavy criticism.

Sadhguru, a man who has come out in support of the act, has openly admitted to not reading about it because of which his statements cannot be taken at face value. Moreover, on further investigation, it was found out that he had made several claims which were not only completely untrue but were also very problematic as they were coming from a person with a significant follower base. Watch his sermon on CAA below:

Was police action as restrained as they want us to believe?

When a person like him calls the police action restrained, you don’t really know if he is being serious or sarcastic. And since he still commands a huge following, there will be a lot of people who may blindly trust him even when he is so wrong. Shouldn’t he then be more responsible about what he says in public? Here are a few clips of the so-called restraint being shown by the police.

He made a statement on University students behaving like quarry workers and throwing stones at the police from the inside. Is there any proof of such an incident till now? And if there isn’t when why is that man talking about things that he is not fully aware of?

Even if there were incidents of students being violent, does that justify the disproportionate amount of force being used by the police, especially on the innocent students? Have we forgotten about the principle of ‘Innocent until proven guilty’?

He also made the claim of the police in UP being riddled by 56 bullet wounds. Is that verified information or is he still talking out of thin air? NDTV did an investigation and found only one such wound till now. What do you have to say about that Sadhguru?

I am not even going to talk about the grossly misleading claim he made on the percentage on Non-Muslims in Pakistan. He is not the first person to do so as our Home Minister has also made a similar statement in the parliament and has not even bothered to correct his mistake. You can read more about it here.

Hard-hearted? Really?

He also talked about those protesting against CAA being hard-hearted, trying to build a narrative that they have a problem with the persecuted religious minorities from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. FYI Sadhguru, no one has a problem with persecuted religious minorities (the bill does not use the word persecuted anywhere) being provided citizenship. Their main problem is over the exclusion of Muslims which is a direct violation of Article 14 of the Constitution as well as extremely inhumane. What does it say about a country which gives citizenship to people based solely on their religion?

There are many more problematic assertions that this man-made which have been addressed in the following two videos:

Why is BJP hell-bent on deceiving us?

The fact that the largest party of our country is adamant on spreading lies among its followers and that they are willing to spend such huge amounts of money to make us fall for their propaganda gives you this feeling that something is seriously wrong with their motives.

Not just the Prime Minister and the Home Minister, but the entire party seems to have gone on an overdrive to promote their side of the story, which is not just filled with gaping holes, but the fact that they are using such questionable means to do so really makes me wonder if ‘Sab Changa Si?’ Or is there something more to it than meets the eye.

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