The right-wing bloodlust will come to your doorstep sooner than you think


What happened inside the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) campus on the 5th of January was an unprovoked assault carried out by those vile inhuman creatures who openly identify with a particular right-wing ideology that is focussed on creating fissures within the society. Not only are their beliefs problematic but the methods that they use, which was on full display yesterday, to silence those with a different opinion is akin to the Jungle Raj. Something which all the civilised members of our society want to avoid.

I will not take names but we all know who was behind that attack. It is pointless to try and engage with them anymore because they are a group of zealous, brainwashed goons who only know the language of violence and hate. They do not understand reasoned arguments nor do they appreciate the power of putting across their point in a non-violent manner. Their love for their ideology has blinded them of the crime they committed yesterday

What we saw on television yesterday broke our hearts because the barbaric assault on University students was done with the approval of those in power. The sight of JNU Student Union’s President Aishe Ghosh, with her face covered in blood after she was hit on the head by an iron rod, was not just heartbreaking but those visuals brought along a feeling of vulnerability that cannot be put down in words.

Trust the law enforcers at your own risk

There is absolutely no way in which you can condone what happened to those students or the brazen manner in which those right-wing goons were allowed by Delhi Police to parade the campus brandishing sticks, rods, stones and what not.

Delhi Police and those controlling them (the Home ministry of this country) have become a joke and there is no way that the people of Delhi can trust them now. They entered Jamia without permission and behaved like rioters, while their chief was trying to convince us that minimal force was used. This time they and their masters outsourced the terrorizing of the students to a coward and a spineless mob of hired goons who had to hide behind masks and helmets while doing what they did.

Not only that, they stood by as people were being attacked outside the campus by an unruly mob (who chanted slogans like ‘Desh ke gaddaron ko, goli maaro saalon ko’)

It is baffling to see the actions of a supposedly responsible law enforcement agency and what they have done in the past few days has significantly eroded our trust in their ability to be impartial and fair.

There is no Vice-Chancellor

The man sitting on the post of Vice-Chancellor at JNU is nothing more than a rubber stamp. He has been appointed because he lacks the spine to stand up to his masters and defend the students who he is legally responsible for. He was hiding in his room while the students were being attacked by the vile thugs. The existence of a boot-licking VC like this is a blot on the reputation of an institution as fiercely independent and vociferous as JNU. Should he still be allowed to continue?

Do you still want to support the right-wing?

If you still wish to identify yourself with the party and the organisation that is apart of the violent saffron brigade while knowing what they have done over the past five and a half years that they have been in government and knowing what they stand for, then I don’t have anything to say to you.

While I acknowledge your right to support who you want to, the fact that you are backing people who believe in the rule of the sword and who do not bat an eyelid while terrorizing peaceful dissenters just so that they can have their way, then I do not wish to engage with you any further.

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