What happened in Muzaffarnagar was beyond shameful

Read the reports from The Telegraph and The Guardian on the violence that took place in Muzaffarnagar and then decide for yourselves if you still want to ignore the atrocities committed by the police on those poor souls.

As if the 2013 riots were not enough, the residents of that city, especially those who follow a particular religion, were made to suffer again while those with power not just watched but actively participated in the dance of bigotry while the scale of violence escalated to levels that made us all shudder in fear.

If you still wish to stay silent then you are simply enabling this barbaric government and their insensitive police force to do as they please.
Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence

This quote from Leonardo Da Vinci aptly sums up the crime that we continue to commit by staying mum. And if you want more, read the following lines from the Father of our Nation – Mahatma Gandhi:
Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly.

If you are under the misguided assumption that the authoritarians will stop at Muslims, then you are sadly mistaken. They will come for each one of you. They will target you and your community just because they can. They will not show any mercy towards elders, minors or women. Today its the Muslims who are seen as the Anti-Nationals. Tomorrow it will be someone other religious, regional, gender or caste group.

They will enter your homes without permission and vandalize your property. They will loot everything that you and your family have gathered painstakingly for generations. They will misbehave with your mothers and daughters.

They will beat you up mercilessly if you make the mistake of protesting against the government. They will put you into jails for no reason and keep you in custody for as long as they can even if you are innocent. They will strip you of your clothes and your dignity. They may beat you up mercilessly in prison without giving a flying flamingo about your rights. They may torture you to the extent that you may end up suffering from rectal bleeding because of you know what.

All this and more is happening in Muzaffarnagar over the past few days as both police and administration are not shying away from displaying a kind of savagery that would make the likes of General Dyer very proud. News reports from that place get gloomier and even more alarming by the day. People from within and outside the country watch with a sense of horror as the outrageously barbaric actions of our police, under the watch of a chief minister who wants to exact revenge from his fellow citizens, have destroyed homes and lives and perhaps even the secularism that we were so proud of.

Will the Prime Minister listen to our Mann ki baat?

Our Prime Minister is well known for his thunderous and rousing speeches. He is also known for his deafening silence on issues where a leader of the nation is supposed to act as our guardian as display the kind of integrity that is befitting of the position he occupies.

At a time when the elected ministers of the most populous state of India have pushed its subjects into its darkest era, we would want our Prime Minister to step up to the task and direct the judiciary to put the all those guilty of violating human rights in the state, be it protestors, police or administration, behind bars. Because if he doesn’t act soon enough, his legacy would be forever tarnished by the events that took place under his watch. Something that no amount of PR can hide.

Image Source : Google Images

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