Welcome to a ‘New India’ where Politicians openly seek ‘Revenge’ from their fellow citizens

It is very disturbing to see that as protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC) gather strength as we enter into the new year, the hubris and bigotry of our politicians is out in the open.

There is zero doubt in my mind that the current state of affairs is not something that the peace loving citizens of our country want and the situation will continue to be this grave until and unless people from all walks of life raise their voice against the sinister actions of the government and force them to listen.

Tarnish their reputation in the name of Nationalism

From imposing curfews and cutting off the internet to dissuade people from gathering at public places to protest legislations that are a clear reflection of the Muslim hating agenda of our government to insinuating that all the violent protestors are from a particular community and can be identified from the clothes they wear to using highly emotive if not irresponsible statements to label all protestors as anti-national and encourage the police to take unwarranted action against anyone suspected to have destroyed public property (I am using the word Suspected because none of those jailed in these protests have been convicted by the courts for having done anything), the card-carrying members of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its right-wing affiliates are hell bent on demonizing Muslims across the country and harness political dividends.

Treat every protestor as an ‘Enemy of the state’

When a sitting chief minister talks about adopting a Raudra Roop’ (ferocious face) to deal with protests against CAA while imposing a curfew across the entire state that curbs the basic fundamental rights of all its people, give the state police a free hand to arrest and torture people (mostly from a particular community) without suspicion while also destroying their homes and shops, you can get an idea about how the ruling party in that state views dissent.

When that same person talks about taking revenge from anyone who has allegedly destroyed public property while demanding compensation for the damage (when that person has not been convicted by any court of the said crime) and at the same time staying mum on how almost two dozen people were killed in his state then you know what the priorities of that government are

When a Minister in the central government endorses an attitude of ‘Shoot at sight’ for anyone who allegedly destroys public property and no one in the government reprimands that Minister or asks for his resignation for openly exhorting authorities to push India towards a police state, then you know what to expect from the government.

While those at the very top say nothing

And when the Prime Minister of our country does not utter a word while our country descends into anarchy because of the highly misguided, blatantly communal and outrightly condemnable actions within states which are governed by politicians belonging to his party, then you know the ‘New India’ that they are looking forward to.

A ‘New India’ where everyone has to agree with what the government says and where baying for the blood of anyone who expresses their dissent is overlooked in public and encouraged in private.

Image source: Google Images

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