Stop mixing religion and citizenship

It was heartening to listen to someone as senior as Chandra Kumar Bose – Vice President of the West Bengal unit of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and grand-nephew of Subhash Chandra Bose – going against the party line and taking a stand of his own on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and questioning the logic of BJP government on excluding Muslims from the legislation. It is time for the BJP to learn about some introspection from him.

The fact that he had the guts to do it while being an active member of a political party where any public difference of opinion on the most trivial of issues is never appreciated or forgiven and everyone is expected to act like a robot and agree with Saheb and his Wazir is all the more refreshing.

Disagreement is not rebellion but that is how BJP sees it

He was not alone though. Several allies of BJP have also raised their objections to the act and its implications for the country while sounding alarm bells over the idea that citizenship should be linked to religion.

What BJP is trying to do to our country with the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAA), National Population Register (NPR) and National Register of Citizens (NRC) is not just sinister, communal and Islamophobic apart from being against every constitutional value that we Indians hold dear; but it is probably the biggest blunder that they could have made since coming to power in 2014. They have unwittingly exposed their evil faces because of the actions that they took since that fateful night of the 9th of December because of which they are facing an unbelievably brave and spirited kind of resistance from the general public that no one in the government could have foreseen.

Propaganda and Suppression

Their Public Relations machine (which includes an IT cell that is headed by a person who is known for spreading vile propaganda and a large part of this supposedly independent media who are nothing more than a bunch of glorified lapdogs of the Saheb-Wazir duo) has tried to spin-off countless narratives to try and convince the nation that their intentions and actions are noble but a large part of our public is not buying their propaganda.

They have tried several methods like imposing curfews, locking up innocent citizens who are dissenting against the government, sanctioning all kinds of police brutality (the horrors committed by our police forces especially in States like Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Karnataka are visible to one and all), carry out marches in support of the act, spread massive amounts of misinformation which is both communal and violence-inducing, discredit the whole movement by calling anyone who opposes them as either being brainwashed or misinformed. If that trick does not work then they go to the tried and tested formula of calling every dissenter an anti-national who should ‘Go to Pakistan’.

They are a party which talks about seeking revenge from its own citizens, a statement that clearly highlights the desperation and frustration within the BJP over the continued protests against their unconstitutional legislation through which their party was looking to realize the age-old dream of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ because of which they want to somehow get NRC done. It is pretty clear that their ultimate intention is to throw the millions of Muslims (and anyone else who opposes this government) into detention camps or silence them permanently.

They are just too freakin pompous and so full of themselves that any admission of guilt is just unthinkable. What they don’t realize is that stepping back from your stated position is not a sign of weakness. Rather it is an acknowledgment of the fact that you made a mistake and you are willing to rectify, which in itself is a very mature and brave thing to do. But maybe that is just too much to expect from someone who has done some extremely questionable, if not downright unethical, things in their past.

The citizens will have the final say

India is too big a country to be subject to the egos of a few. It will raise its voice in one way or the other, regardless of the tyranny imposed by those in the government, administration or police. The protests are a manifestation of the seething anger within the citizens of this country over the nefarious designs of our politicians who are trying to differentiate persecuted minorities from other countries on the basis of religion and then using that legislation to disenfranchise people whose only fault is that they pray to a different God.

It is still not too late though. All that our Prime minister needs to do is to make the necessary amendments and ensure that we delink citizenship from religion. The people have spoken through their protests which will go on until the government backs down on their bigotry. The only option left now is to Listen while they still can or else it will be way too late.

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