Do we believe every single word uttered by those in power?

The speech made by the Prime minister of India on 22nd December seemed more like an attempt to bulldoze his way out of the problems that have been created by his own government’s policies, an attempt which was filled with questionable claims on the existence of Detention centres.

Several of our Prime Ministers have been infamous for pushing the boundaries of unethical conduct. Many of them are known to hide facts from the public to save their reputation from being smashed to pieces. Some of them may have lied on one occasion or the other. Despite all that we tend to take their utterings in public at face value. But can we do that for our current Prime Minister? Can we consider his statement on the existence of detention centers as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Mere acts of omission or distortion of reality?

While reading about the controversy generated due to his inaccurate statement on Detention centers, I came across this blog dedicated to the alleged lies of our current Prime Minister since he assumed office. I have not read the whole blog in its entirety so it would be incorrect to endorse every word written on that page or dismiss it as a work of fiction.

If the blogger is right about our Prime Minister’s penchant for presenting distorted facts to his supporters in public, then we need to be extremely worried about what is going on in our country. Looking at the overwhelming evidence (again I am leaving it to you to judge if that evidence is true on not) present on the internet which argues that our Prime Minister and his coterie of ministers have indulged in misrepresentation of the truth on more than one occasion to strengthen their arguments, you would be right to get worried about what’s going on in our country.

Contradictions within the government

There are several news reports and statements by members of our parliament, who swear allegiance to the current Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government, that confirm the existence of detention centers in various parts of India which have been up and running for quite some time now.

Why then is our Prime Minister saying otherwise? Was it a mere slip of the tongue (if that is the case then he should come out in the public with a corrective statement)? Is he genuinely unaware of their existence? Because if that is so then the working of this government and bureaucracy should come under serious scrutiny for keeping our elected Prime Minister in the dark about such an important issue and we should also question the role of those briefing him.

Are they as truthful as they claim to be?

There is a theory going on that Prime Minister and his party colleagues (both inside and outside the government) deliberately present incorrect information in public because they believe that his supporters will always take him at face value. There is another theory that a large part of our TV, print and even digital media helps him and his party in obfuscating the truth and further the nefarious agenda of BJP.

I sincerely hope that both these theories turn out to be false. Because if they are true (I think that they are but I am open to arguments from the other side), it will become extremely difficult to trust the man who heads our government.

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