The nation protests but our so-called icons stay mum

There were a few TV personalities who decided to speak out in spite of facing repercussions, but many in our celebrated film fraternity continue to remain tight-lipped at a time when Indians, both inside and outside the country protested against the double whammy of CAA and NRC.

Even our so called cricketing gods were more interested in those wretched IPL auctions instead of supporting the students in their movement. The deafening silence that you choose to maintain will not be forgotten so easily.

Some stood up, others went into hiding

Sushant Singh, Parineeti Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, Javed Akhtar, Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub, Richa Chadha Anurag Kashyap, Kamal Hasan, Swara Bhaskar and some other celebrities had the guts to speak out their mind against the mindless adventurism of our government which is hell-bent on implementing the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and bring in the National Register of Citizens (NRC). Even though some of them have already faced or will face consequences for their opinions, we will remember them for having stood up to the fascist forces and their bravery will not be forgotten.

But there are some Bollywood stars who were either apathetic to our plight or intimidated by those in power to utter a word against their brutal assault on our democracy while the protestors get beaten to death and their right to voice dissent is being muzzled by the threat of curfew along with the talk of revenge by a sitting Chief Minister against his own people.

They see it as a vote gathering legislation which may guarantee them electoral victories in states like Jharkhand (exit polls suggest otherwise), Delhi and Bihar apart from the big fish that is West Bengal. They do not care about the carnage that we are witnessing across the country. They compel the police to do their dirty work (i.e. mercilessly beat up the protesters) and instruct the lapdog media to read a well-prepared script fraught with lies and propaganda. They also have an overzealous IT cell to spread even more bigotry among its followers who are naive enough to believe everything that comes out of the ‘WhatsApp University’.

Stars: Real or reel?

Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar and other actors and actresses like them are supposed to be the biggest influencers of our time. Every single word of theirs have the power to influence millions both in India and around the world. And those millions are bound to be affected by legislations like CAA and NRC.

You might find these stars to be normally very vocal about various issues however unimportant they may be, but yahan par unko saanp soongh gaya hai (they have clammed up). To be honest, I am not surprised because these actors were way too willing to line up for photos with our Saheb, when they would have been in full knowledge of what he, his Wazir and their political cohorts stand for. Some were willing to conduct non-political interviews (which looked totally scripted) while others were way too eager to endorse him and his policies. If you are wondering why would someone want to endorse politicians who might not be as squeaky clean as you think, then this video will help in clearing your doubts.

They are too busy worrying about their movie collections and competing with each other for the ‘300 crore club’. They may all display their strength and power on the screen by beating up goons when the truth is that they do not have the conviction to stand for what is right.

Cricketing gods, why art thou silent?

Cricket is the only thing after films that is seen as a religion in our country. If that is the case, then many of its followers will be disheartened by the cricketers that they so dearly love who have chosen this very moment to be quiet. The so called nice guys – Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman and Anil Kumble have not uttered a word on this issue. When there are riot like situations across many parts of the country, when a specific religion is being targeted regardless of what the government may have you believe, when all the rules of humanity are being broken, then what the hell is so nice about the cowardice being displayed by our who’s who.

I don’t want to talk about the present generation of cricketers because I expect little from them. And the less said about our cricket administrators, the better. But what about the poster boys of decency and nobility of Indian Cricket? What more will it take for them to come out in the open and stand side by side with the oppressed. I am not expecting any cricketer to take part in the protest, but a tweet or a statement from their side wouldn’t be too much of an exertion now, would it? But then I guess it would be too much to ask when some in their fraternity, who have gone on to become members of parliament, would prefer Jalebis and Poha to attending crucial meetings on national issues.

Stand with us when it matters the most

When political representatives of our ruling party are calling to shoot those who do not support their divisive and nazi inspired agendas, it become even more important for these popular personalities from the film and sports arena who carry a lot of clout because of what they have done in their professional careers, to stand up for the rights of the citizens of this country who queued up in lines and spent innumerable hours in front of their screens to watch them perform.

Because if they don’t do that, the Indian public will not forget this betrayal. At least I won’t.

Image Source : Google Images